Mrs Teiti Bwenawa receives GAELF Travel Award
Mrs Teiti Bwenawa from Kiribati received the cumulative highest score and was awarded the travel grant to attend this year's ASTMH meeting in Philadelphia, USA. To read Mrs Bwenawa's story click here

7th GAELF Meeting

Provisional dates (17th-18th November 2012) have been set for the 7th GAELF meeting in Washington DC, USA.

Executive Group Updates

LF News was the initial newsletter of the Global Alliance sent to partners, implementers, donors and other interested parties via email. This was superceded from June 2004 by the Executive Group Update.

Every quarter the Executive Group issues an update of Global Alliance activities called the EG Update.

If you would like to learn more about our work and the progress we have made please click on the pdf links below which are past updates of the group.

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