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Giant footsteps – take a look at how India is encouraging MDA


GAELF8 in Addis Ababa a great success.
Report to follow

New Steering Group and ToR endorsed.
Details to follow


Global Programme to Eliminate LF: the Processes Underlying Programme Success
(Ichimori et al)


Impact of community-based lymphedema management...

(Budge, PJ et al)


Eliminating neglect and neglected tropical diseases (Hotez, P)


Surveillance of Lymphatic Filariasis after stopping ten years of MDA in rural communities in south India (Ramaiah, KD &

Vanamail, P)


Vectorborne diseases in West Africa: geographic distribution and geospatial characteristics

(Ratmanov, P et al)





Chance discovery: Unintended consequences of ivermectin highlights potential benefits of integration

(Financial Times)


Togo en route to lymphatic filariasis elimination

(The Disease Daily)


Tanzania steps up war against neglected diseases (Tanzania Daily News)