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Giant footsteps – take a look at how India is encouraging MDA


GAELF8 in Addis Ababa a great success.
Report to follow

New Steering Group and ToR endorsed.
Details to follow



A comprehensive assessment of lymphatic filariasis in Sri Lanka six years after cessation of mass drug administration

RU Rao et al


The impact of two semiannual treatments with albendazole alone on lymphatic filariasis and soil-transmitted helminth infections: A community-based study in the Republic of Congo

S. Pion et al



A Randomized Controlled Trial of Increased Dose and Frequency ofAlbendazole with Standard Dose DEC for Treatment of Wuchereria bancroftiMicrofilaremics in Odisha, India
(Kar et al)


Assessing progress in reducing the At-Risk Population after years of the GPELF
Hooper et al



Progress and impact of 13 years of the GPELF on reducing the burden of filarial disease
Ramaiah & Ottesen







Chance discovery: Unintended consequences of ivermectin highlights potential benefits of integration

(Financial Times)


Togo en route to lymphatic filariasis elimination

(The Disease Daily)


Tanzania steps up war against neglected diseases (Tanzania Daily News)