At GAELF3 it was recommended that a Representative Contact Group (RCG) was established composed of country representatives from each of the regions and representatives of a number of other constituencies including pharmaceutical industry, academic/research institutions, donors, non-governmental organisations, the World Health Organization and the World Bank. The RCG elected an Executive Group (EG) of six members with the required skills, commitment and resources to carry out the recommendations made at the GAELF meeting. According to their Terms of Reference, the mission of the EG is to

" GPELF by enhancing the effectiveness of national, regional and global fundraising, advocacy, communication and planning for the Programme.".


According to the Terms of Reference a RCG business session would be held at each GAELF meeting to discuss progress from the previous meeting, make recommendations to move forward and elect a new EG.

At GAELF4 the RCG reviewed its own structure electing Dr Mwele Malecela as its Chair, a position which would have a standing position on the EG. Dr Malecela would also be the President of GAELF5 to be held in Tanzania.

GAELF5 was held in April 2008 in Arusha, Tanzania. Extensive discussions on the structure of the EG and the RCG resulted in a larger EG with co-opted country representatives and observers and the RCG setting itself the task of reviewing the terms of office of RCG members.


GAELF6 was held in June 2010 in Seoul, Korea. The structure of the EG and RCG remained unchanged although it was recognized the structure required review and possible revision to meet the changing neglected tropical disease environment.


At GAELF7 held in Washington DC in November 2012 it was agreed at the business session that the RCG would meet separately with a specific agenda of self-review and restructure.


The RCG meeting was held prior to the 2013 ASTMH meeting in Washington DC (generously hosted by the PAHO). The structure of the RCG and the EG was reviewed and the EG was charged with taking forward the recommendations of the meeting and developing a new structure which would be presented at GAELF8 for endorsement.


At GAELF8 the revised structure was presented to the GAELF business session and was unanimously endorsed. The structure of GAELF retained a revised RCG and a new Steering Group (SG - replacing the EG). The revised SG is composed of the Chairs of the Regional Programme Review Group, LF NGDO Network, RCG and former EG/SG Chair, 2 RCG elected positions and observers from pharma, donors and WHO. A total (including the Secretariat) of 17.


Terms of Reference for the RCG and the SG can be found here